British Asparagus

“British Asparagus heralds the start of spring; there is no other vegetable like it.”

Wykham Farm have been growing asparagus since 1991, initially starting with 1 acre and building up to over 55 acres today. By cutting, washing and packing the asparagus on a daily basis they can guarantee that it is absolutely fresh for all our customers. Asparagus is a truly seasonal crop and should be enjoyed for the short 8 weeks or so from the end of April until mid-June. Planted as a crown asparagus takes two years to properly establish and can then be productive for 10 years or more. A perennial plant, it is the young spears that are cooked and eaten. Once the harvesting season is over the spears are left to grow into ferns. When these ferns die down in the autumn the energy is returned back into the crown and stored ready for the following year.