How it all started

Chadlington Quality Foods was established in its current form in June 2001, after the villagers got together to put money in to keep it open. Prior to that it had been a private enterprise and run successfully for many years, before changes in management and a subsequent threat of closure.


Approximately 50-60 villagers put in various amounts, in return for shares but no financial reward. The directors meet regularly to oversee things, but the shop is self-managing with a team of experienced staff.

Home-made too...

We're proud to still be a village shop.  There are a lot less of them than there were fourteen years ago, when CQF started its new life.


What has now been created, after a great deal of hard work by a great many people, is a shop that does what it should do and sell groceries, but also one that has evolved into a very successful delicatessen.


It was decided that even that wasn't enough so an evolving selection of home-made food has been created - cakes, pies, tarts, jams, chutneys, desserts and ready to take home meals to serve.  We try and produce what people want, but if there's something that you want, tell us and you never know, we might just add it to our expanding menu of home-made delectability!  

The Gables, West End, Chadlington, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, OX7 3NJ   |

                                              01608 676675   shop@chadlingtonqualityfoods.com



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